A clinic for the go-getters

When you first started a family, you imagined taking your sons and daughters everywhere… looking out over Mt. Zion. Camping outside the Grand Canyon. Backpacking through the misty Blue Ridge Mountains… but your dreams were hindered when you realized your joint and back pain that crept up over the past few years just hasn’t gone away. You used to go a lot more, but your habits have fallen away — not by lack of want — but due to the fact that when you’re in pain getting out just isn’t as enticing.

Why does this list of services matter to you?

Because it means we can build a unique plan for your body based on a diverse set of practices. When outlining a path to real wellness, one size doesn’t fit all, and your plan should reflect that!

The best path to health is anchored in this specific formula...

Specificity + consistency = a healthy life! Remember this formula and only work with teams that reflect it!

Don’t wait to put your best foot forward

We started this business because we saw too many healthcare centers with a narrow focus and limited scope. If no one else was going to build the type of holistic care center we knew was possible, then we knew we had to.

Clients ask us all the time how to stay healthy — the best answer? Get a complete wellness plan from a licensed professional and use social accountability to stick to it.

Build a wellness plan that will last you a lifetime

Work with Marietta’s best wellness professionals to achieve immediate relief and set yourself on a course for optimal health throughout the rest of your days.

Kevin Wood BS, DC, CCST, CCEP

Colleen Wood DC

Phil Wright BS, DC, CCEP

Jordan Casey MS HNFM

Greg Eisenberg LMT, CNMT

Clifford Wood

Clifford Wood, Office Manager

Conner Wood

Conner Wood, CPT

We are one of the only functional wellness clinics with full-body chiropractic care experts in Georgia, which means we are uniquely equipped to view and treat your care from a holistic perspective.

We’re in business for one reason: to help you and your family achieve your wellness goals — no matter how small or great.

About Us

We set out to build the best family-run functional wellness center in Georgia, and we know there’s a lot more to wellness than spine adjustments. They are incredibly useful, but we’ve found traditional adjustments are most effective when combined with top-down, comprehensive plans and therapies uniquely designed for the individual. 

This led us to train our staff and receive extended certifications in extremity adjusting and orthotic fitting. In other words, we can adjust areas besides the spine, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and feet.

We also use and have extensive experience with: full spine diversified adjustments, Thompson drop tables, nutrition plans, exercise programs, toggle, flexion-distraction, S.O.T., cranial sacral therapy, activator, light force, and moderate force adjusting.