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Life is a journey and a healthy body can help you live it to the fullest

Don't let pain get in the way of your passion

Wood Family Wellness’s expert team combines full body chiropractic care and functional wellness plans to make sure you’re always ready to walk out the door strong, flexible, and free from aches and pains.

Customized wellness plans & Innovative chiropractic care for the whole family

Step 1

Sign up for a complimentary consultation

Step 2

Meet with your functional wellness expert

Step 3

Discuss your unique wellness goals

Step 4

Conduct Innovative Testing & Analysis

Step 7

Walk out with a healthy body, mind, and spirit ready to tackle whatever is next.

Step 6

Receive intelligent treatment, accountability, and support.

Step 5

Review your customized wellness plan

Our Difference

Every person is different, and we think your healthcare should reflect that.

The journey to true wellness isn’t achieved by only treating symptoms.

We must look at your body and life in its entirety. 

By using this type of comprehensive analysis and combining it with a wide variety of treatment applications such as full-body chiropractic care, cranial-sacral therapy, spinal decompression therapy, and nutritional wellness programs, we create feasible plans that accelerate your path to wellness and help you achieve and continue living the lifestyle you desire.

Reduce pain and live healthier with the help of trained holistic healthcare professionals

Full-Body Chiropractic Care

Specialized Sports Massage Therapy

Comprehensive Functional Wellness Analysis and Nutritional Counseling

Specific Chiropractic Corrective Adjustments

Specific Extremity Adjustments

The Wood Family Wellness Difference

Family-Owned Experience

Personalized Plans

Wood Family Wellness

A complete health analysis based on your unique health profile

Diverse and customized solutions that will serve you for the rest of your life


Some of our functional wellness specialties include Full-Body Chiropractic Care, Sports Massage Therapy, Cranial Adjusting Sacral Therapy and Spinal Decompression Therapy. Our doctors use thorough chiropractic techniques & functional wellness tools to ensure long-lasting results for our clients.

Wood Family Wellness customizes your care based on what you actually need.

We are one of the only functional wellness clinics with full-body chiropractic care experts in Georgia, which means we are uniquely equipped to view and treat your care from a holistic perspective.

We’re in business to help you and your family achieve your wellness goals — no matter how small or great.

Schedule a wellness consultation with Jordan Casey (functional medicine and nutritional counseling) — bought and paid for by us.

We give you the care you need. Nothing more. Nothing less!

Our focus is on developing the perfect wellness plan for you. For some, that may be adjusting the spine to aid in proper nervous system function, working on your flexibility, and monitoring your diet. For others, it may be developing an exercise plan & using intelligent technology therapies to locate and treat sources of physical or emotional discomfort.

We’re here to identify your goals, design a plan to reach them, and then supplement that plan with smart care, testing, and therapies. If you don’t need a service, we won’t push you on it!

Wood Family Wellness is run with family at heart.

We want you to enjoy life and activities with your family

Founded right here in Marietta, Wood Family Wellness isn’t a franchise with shareholders or board members to appease. Our entire practice is designed to provide the best care with a relationship-first mindset. When you’re healthy, we’re happy — it’s that simple!

With every new client we have, we take the time to talk about you. We’re not in a rush. We ask questions like: what issues are you having? How long have you had them? Do they change depending on the activities or settings you find yourself in? We create a holistic plan that aims to uncover the root of your problems. Then, we create a custom solution for you with the best science and technology available.

We never shuffle people into certain camps and use the same care. Every patient is different, and we understand that.

Build a wellness plan that will last you a lifetime

Work with Marietta’s best wellness professionals to achieve immediate relief and set yourself on a course for optimal health throughout the rest of your days.

Kevin Wood BS, DC, CCST, CCEP

Colleen Wood DC

Phil Wright BS, DC, CCEP

Jordan Casey MS HNFM

Greg Eisenberg LMT, CNMT

Clifford Wood

Clifford Wood, Office Manager

Conner Wood

Conner Wood, CPT


“It’s so well run”.

 “Reception staff is so helpful. See the doctor, get an adjustment, get the other treatments, and you’re on your way, feeling great!”

Hugh Burns