Jordan's specialities:

  • Individualized wellness programs
  • Nutrition
  • Diabetes recommendations and support
  • Functional medicine
  • Patient Management & Supplementation Review

Jordan Casey


Jordan has laid the foundation for functional medicine and has dedicated her life to addressing patients as a whole through individualized wellness programs. Jordan’s unique approach of fitting each program to the patient has made her sought out by many for tailored lifestyle, nutrition and wellness programs.

Jordan Casey’s tailored approach goes beyond your health today and takes into account your entire life’s journey, from birth to date, this unique approach allows her to see and address all aspects of your health.

Jordan specializes in functional medicine to address patients’ health from a preventative stance that is based on the individual’s blood work and lifestyle. In addition, she also specializes in patient management and supplementation review. She is sought out by many today for wellness program oversight, management, and review, to ensure a team approach takes place in every patient’s health program.

Jordan graduated with her bachelors in exercise science from Lagrange College in 2015 and now holds her masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She has a deep connection and love for nature, loves hiking and being by the water. She enjoys her time with her two dogs, hiking, gardening or finding ways to give back

Health Tailored to YOU. 

What is your definition of health?
“Healthy” is different for everyone – for some, it means more exercise. For others, it may be losing 20 pounds. Either way, every individual is unique, so why shouldn’t your health plan be unique?
It should be.  

Health isn’t a fad diet, the latest exercise routine, or found in a pill. Health is a lifestyle tailored to you, your lifestyle, goals. It’s the framework that each of us can grow upon and live a life of happiness.

When we become healthier, we become happier- it’s really that simple.

Our team offers personalized health programs tailored to you! 
Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply feel better, we work with you to create a health program unique to you that works with you and provides the accountability needed to reach your personal definition of “healthy”.

Our Functional Reset: Diet and Lifestyle program is packaged to make personalized functional medicine affordable for everyone.

3-month-long, guided dietary and lifestyle program

  • A comprehensive guide book with meal plans, food lists, and recipes.
  • Personalized supplement plan for each month.
  • Personalized daily macronutrient and calorie intake to achieve weight/health goals.
  • Detailed blood work interpretation to determine the nutrition that your body needs.
  • Daily reminders and weekly check-ins with our team throughout the course of the program for support and feedback.
  • Three 45 minute, in-person nutrition and lifestyle counseling session for accountability, support, and personalization as you progress through the program.
  • Up to three monthly ZYTO scans to assess improvements, changes, and where you’re at in your health journey.
  • RMR- Resting Metabolic Rate Test. The most accurate way to determine your body’s exact daily caloric needs.

All of these services individually total $600.
This is a packaged program tailored to you for a total of: $500

To get started, book your complimentary wellness session