Jordan's specialities:

  • Individualized wellness programs
  • Nutrition
  • Diabetes recommendations and support
  • Functional medicine
  • Patient Management & Supplementation Review

Jordan Smith


Jordan has laid the foundation for functional medicine and has dedicated her life to addressing patients as a whole through individualized wellness programs. Jordan’s unique approach of fitting each program to the patient has made her sought out by many for tailored lifestyle, nutrition and wellness programs.

Jordan Smith’s tailored approach goes beyond your health today and takes into account your entire life’s journey, from birth to date, this unique approach allows her to see and address all aspects of your health.

Jordan specializes in functional medicine to address patients’ health from a preventative stance that is based on the individual’s blood work and lifestyle. In addition, she also specializes in patient management and supplementation review. She is sought out by many today for wellness program oversight, management, and review, to ensure a team approach takes place in every patient’s health program.

Jordan grew up in Lagrange, Georgia  always knowing she had a drive and plan for something bigger than most could see or understand. She learned this early on, as at 9 years old, without any prior indicators or warnings, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She was immediately told that it was genetic and could never change that or go back. She was no longer in charge of her life. Diabetes took the driver seat and at the time left no questioning. Life revolved around food, insulin, and shots. Blood sugar dictated her entire life; everything else came second.

Fast forward to 2016 – Jordan’s type 1 diabetes resulted in a near death experience and was admitted to ICU for two days due to her insulin pump failing in her sleep. This experience launched her path into functional medicine and wellness. Through what she learned and lifestyle adjustments, she was able to come off her insulin pump, cut daily insulin intake in half, and for once, do the impossible — be in control of her life.

Jordan has dedicated her life to sharing her story, experience and knowledge with the masses. Her mission is driven by her own path to fully overcome her type 1 diabetes. Jordan graduated with her bachelors in exercise science from Lagrange College in 2015 and now holds her masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. 

She has a deep connection and love for nature, loves hiking and being by the water. She enjoys her time with her two dogs, hiking, gardening or finding ways to give back.

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